Ohio’s 16th Congressional District

This is the 16th US House District in Ohio. One look at it, and you can immediately tell that something fishy is going on – and you’d be right. Like every other Congressional district in Ohio, it was drawn by the Republican party to block out the voice of the people.

It is rated +8 R by the Cook Political Report, making it generally rated to be ‘safe’ Republican. So why should you care, now? Why is 2020 different than any other year since this district was drawn? There’s plenty of reasons.

 First, the generic ballot polling (ref 538) has the Democrats up 8% – in other words, right now, this district could be even for the first time in 10 years. If we fight hard, anything is possible, and we can flip this district from red to blue for the first time since the GOP stole our voice with this map.

Your Congressman does not work for you…and you deserve better.

Second, we have a freshman incumbent who has done little for the district, and shown disdain on the issues that matter to us. For instance, he’s called votes to protect our healthcare a “waste” of his time. And who can forget when he voted against free & fair elections, by objecting to a measure to require federal candidates – such as himself – to report assistance from foreign governments? His record is full of these kinds of votes.

A carpetbagger on the wrong side of history.

So who exactly is Anthony Gonzalez, and why is he our representative? Well, when the last guy – Jim Renacci – decided to run for Senate, he vacated this seat. In response, GOP leadership looked far and wide for a reliable replacement, which is when they found Mr. Gonzalez, who wasn’t even living in Ohio at the time. They bring him back, they put him in the race, and he wins – giving the GOP a reliable rubber-stamp for whatever anti-worker, anti-teacher, anti-healthcare vote they put in front of him. In Anthony Gonzalez, we do not have a Representative: we have a toady more concerned with his future in politics than any single person in this district – Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal.

Anthony Gonzalez isn’t going to listen to us, because he doesn’t think he has to. However, he’s more than willing to listen to orders from GOP leadership. If you think you have a voice in OH-16 right now, I’ve got bad news for you: unless your name is Mitch McConnel or Kevin McCarthy, he just does not give a damn. Those are the only two voices he hears, and the only two people he seeks to serve. He does not care about you or me, he doesn’t care about our healthcare, or our rights, or our elections. Those concerns are all a waste of his time.

The issues that matter to you are not a waste of my time.

 Which brings me to my last point: the candidate. This year, we have a candidate that does not fit the typical mold of a politician. I am a scientist – more specifically, a physicist – running for office not because I was recruited and not because I am connected, but because I am one of you. I share your concerns, your experiences, and your wants. I am from a working-class family that lived paycheck-to-paycheck. I am a first-generation college graduate. I lost my dad to diabetes – a treatable condition – because we could not afford the medicine in a system designed to work against us. The issues that matter to you are not a waste of my time because they are the issues that matter to me, too: I want to improve our healthcare and make it more affordable. I want to make colleges and trade schools something our students can pursue without breaking the bank. I want to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs to Northeast Ohio along with new green tech that will keep them here. I want to work for you – for us – and make this district a better place to live and raise a family.

I will work for you.

In short, I care. Anthony Gonzalez does not. I will never dismiss your concerns as a waste of my time, and I will never turn my back on you to listen to far-off political leaders, because I do not and will not work for them: I will work for you.

This year, you can vote for someone who cares. Someone who will work for you. Not some out-of-touch former football star, but a scientist who understands the seriousness of this job and the weight of being your voice. You can vote for Aaron Paul Godfrey.


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