Scientist. Advocate. Democrat.

Born and raised in Ohio, Aaron is a first generation college graduate, local elected official, physicist in the Ohio aerospace industry, nonprofit professional, environmental advocate and life-long democrat. Going from growing up in the lower-middle class to working in a high-technology field, Aaron sees a path for a new Ohio success story – one where Ohio is the nation’s leader on good jobs, green energy, clean water, education and infrastructure. 

A Common Sense, Pragmatic Progressive.

No one should have to work multiple jobs to put food on the table.

No senior should wonder where their next meal will come from.

We must stand up to protect retirees and their pensions.

Ending gerrymandering.

Expanding healthcare coverage for all.

“My dad was diagnosed with diabetes, a completely treatable disease, but because my family couldn’t afford the insulin, he began to ration what little he could get. It took its toll, eventually killing him. This is the story for too many Ohio families who are struggling. I know what the people of the 16th District go through everyday. I want to fight for them, and let them know they’re not alone.”