“Ohio is not a problem. Ohio is the answer.”

Stop the brain drain.

In 2018, Ohio was the 6th most moved-from state in the U.S. The largest group migrating from Ohio are young people, ages 18-34 at over 24%. Why? The answer is an easy one. More than 60% of people leaving Ohio cite jobs as the reason why they are fleeing.

Ohio should lead the way in STEM education and preparedness in technology and clean energy based jobs. We are uniquely positioned to reinvent ourselves to be the world’s leader in green manufacturing. The majority of wind turbines and solar panels are manufactured overseas – we have the framework and the skilled labor to do it here – we just need the willpower. 

Two year and community colleges should be tuition free – we need to make this investment towards our future and the health of our state. We need to invest in the STEM programs at community colleges to make sure they are equipped with the most cutting edge tools available so graduates are ready to put their skills to use in the state of Ohio. 

We need to create incentives for young people, once they receive their education, to stay here in Ohio and invest back in their state.

I have been a STEM student, teacher and now work professionally in the field. I am uniquely positioned to know the work that needs to be done, and how Ohio can better prepare itself for a new economy. I studied STEM here…and I stayed here and contribute to Ohio’s economy.

Common Sense in Washington

A scientists job is to observe a problem, and, through logic, research and study, come to a solution. Science is not influenced by fear-mongering, by personal gain or by what happens to be the best thing to say at any time. Politics should work like this too. I promise common sense policy and discourse because, as a scientist, I don’t know how to do it any other way.


Facts, logic, reason. These should be what shape our policy and political discourse.”

“We need to protect what makes Ohio unique. It’s crucial not only for us, but for our children.

Science is more crucial than ever.

Everyone in Ohio has seen the dire warnings…toxic algae blooms infecting our once healthy water resources.

The greater Cleveland area, and especially our district, is fortunate enough to have several beautiful parks, watersheds, creeks and natural spaces, both in and out of the metropark system. We need to protect them so everyone can appreciate our region’s natural beauty while they continue to be economic assets to the cities and counties where they reside.

As a part of that desire to keep our public parks pristine, I oppose any mining or drilling operations in public parks.

Similarly, I support initiatives that seek to clean up and protect our Great Lake, such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which has considerable success making Lake Erie an even greater asset to our region. I will support and fight for any bill that works towards the prevention of both point source and non point source pollution. 

We need to protect the Clean Water Act to protect the health of our watersheds.

In addition, I oppose fracking. The science is in – the dust created is toxic to breathe, it is polluting our groundwater and is causing destructive earthquakes in the state we call home.

Our climate is at a tipping point…but Ohio can lead the way into a new economy.